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Most of my friends and people I know are posting their best memories of 2012 in their Facebook and/or Twitter but I’d like to break that norm – at least that of my circle – and do the reminiscing here. It’s about time this site resurrects!

According to what I read before, this year was supposed to be a really difficult one. That is because, being born to the year of the sheep, the year of the dragon is a down time. However, I think this year is both a bad one and a great one. As per the tradition, I should be listing down my top 12 memories of 2012 but mleh :PPPP

On keeping the promise – graduating on time

Maybe for some people, graduating on time is not a big deal. But it is for me and for my parents. I promised myself that I will do my best to finish my studies on time. And I did. After all those trials and all those grueling personal fights so that I won’t procrastinate and be lazy, I graduated. My parents won’t have to further finance my tuition and they can finally start saving for their future – hopefully, early retirement.

Heartbreaking – the death

Just what I last posted here, Tatay died last April. We had our plans with him however, he had to go. It was definitely for the better. He is now with Nanay and he is now problem-free.

This year was full of stories about deaths. Not just Tatay’s nor of those in their old age, but also of people whose age are in my range. One from my elementary friends/classmates and another from nursery were also gone. Although they passed on due to different circumstances, I am still shock that death is somehow so near.

Family’s pride – reaching the dream

My brother is now officially a Doctor of Medicine! Wow! He dreamt of this. Our family was is no means of putting him up to Med School but as if on cue, he got a scholarship courtesy of the Department of Health. Not only did he passed the Physician Licensure Examinations, he is also now a Master in Public Management major in Health Systems and Development. Kaya ang extension ng name niya ay MD, MPMHSD. Nakakahingal! Pero kahit ganoon, I’m so proud especially that he is one of the Doctors to the Barrio. He is home for the Holidays, by the way, so the celebration is really great.

Childhood game – beating their asses

The third installment of the computer game, Diablo was released this year. Yes, I reserved an original copy and lined up on the first day of its release. Installed it immediately after I got home, and played till sundown. I always played it with other players just so I can show off how awesome the built of my character is. :))))) Lol. No. I played with them because my class is a Demon Hunter so I need at least one decent tank. What made it more fun, exciting, and challenging are the other players. There are, well, selfish players or “tank” classes but mine’s tougher so I learned as well on how I could kick their asses without the PvP. Those in-your-face-I-killed-the-monster-who-killed-you moments are truly priceless.

Corporate world – the HR path

Honestly, I am still not sure if I am for the Human Resources. This is the path I want, but the question is, does it want me? I don’t know.  I am enjoying, though, and learning a lot. I joined MBPS – HR and met my ESSS family. I am hoping that HR will like me, too, after all, I got regularized in just 3 months – shorter that the usual 6 months probationary period.

That band – Maroon 5 all the way

The band’s concert in Manila was to die for. I love the band. That’s that. It’s a great show. No need for explanation ;D

One step at a time – driving at its finest

Finally! I now know how to drive! The only thing that’s missing is my own car. This year. I must have one! I will!

Relaxation with friends – Zambales

The Zambales trip with some from our HR was much needed. All the stress and worries were washed away by the powerful waves of Sitio Liwliwa. Plus our encounter with BU was exhilarating!

Stronger than ever – the boyfie

Still with him. Despite what others judged as a short relationship, we are still together and very much in love. :P


The year 2012 was fun but full of challenges. I had to make decisions on my own and be responsible for every repercussion there would ever be. I survived it. The supposedly dooms day and the all those apocalypses they talk about. 2012 is great so I am looking forward to 2013! I know this year will be even better! Cheers!


It’s Black Saturday, about 2 in the afternoon, 7th day of April 2012. According to our family’s plan, we were supposed to be in Tagaytay at this moment, enjoying the heat of the sun while inside a swimming pool while overlooking the Taal Lake and Volcano. Yesterday morning, we should had been doing Visita Iglesia as part of our Good Friday penitence and in the evening, we should had join the procession. However, yesterday, around 7 in the morning, one of my grandfathers went ahead. It was so sudden. It was cardiac arrest.

My college course, BA OrCom, is composed of four years (yes, I managed to be able to do my thesis successfully), yet, it seemed so long for me. It was very challenging and demanding, both academically and personally. My maternal grandmother, Nanay, died when I was in first year, second semester. My paternal grandmother, Mommy, died when I was in third year, second semester. Typhoon Ondoy lambasted Philippines, specifically Marikina when I was in second year, first semester. One of my dear dogs died that following semester. In addition to those, I also had issues with my love life before it became smooth sailing.

Were all of these not enough that I, we, had give up Tatay, my maternal grandfather, yesterday. We planned to take him with us to my University Graduation on the 20th of April, then eat out. Heartbreaking. I would no longer be able to hear him call out to our house every Wednesday afternoon to give us his laundry. I would no longer see his face in the corner of their street every time I’ll come home. I would no longer be able to kiss his cheek or bless on his hand. I would no longer be able to call out his name, especially out in the street when I see him unexpectedly. Empty. The void in my life keeps on getting bigger.

Tatay is one of the strictest person I know. He might be stricter with the Military generals. This might be because of the way he experienced life during the World War II. But I miss him. I miss Nanay. I miss Mommy. I miss being spoiled by my grandparents. I miss their laughs and their stories about my parents.

This is how I am feeling right now. I could not imagine how my Mother is feeling. Heartbreaking, truly heartbreaking. But we have to be strong.

Tatay and Nanay: Together again, just in time for their anniversary on the 29th.


Is it so wrong that I still want to be socially aware of what in the world is happening to my country while I am doing my thesis? I believe it is my responsibility to care for my country and be warry of the threats against it, politically or economically.

Despite my want to be aware of all these, especially politically, I am not regretting I took OrCom and not PolSci. It’s not in the course, it’s all in the person.

There are so many thing I wan to share about the trial and the present state of our country but I’m too busy with my thesis. Soon, I shall unleash all these ideas and realizations bugging me.

I have a topic proposal to people who need it. I am doing my thesis, too but this topic is not for OrCom field. It’s more of Psych or BehSci, I think.

The effect of an achiever partner to the not-so-achiever one.

Okay, you know phrase it better but you get the idea. I really want to know what the effects are for other people.

If there’s anyone who has knowledge of an existing study about it, please link me to it :) Thank you :)

I am a senior year majoring in BA Organizational Communication, meaning I’ll be graduating soon -April 20, 2012 to be exact. I have a long list of things I want to do in my life and the key to all of them is to graduate ON TIME. Let’s say I got my diploma, what’s next? Plans? Well, I have a lot of them.

First is I have to have a job soon after graduation but I need a short vacation. I want to catch up with the small things I am ignoring now for acad stuff. People usually ask me where shall I work; my answer? I have no idea. I will be applying to the company  where  I had my practicum and hopefully, I’ll pass their assessment exam and interviews. If not? Tough luck then but I need to find work. I cannot afford to be a bum because of my ambitions and dreams.

A few days ago, a lawyer -my father’s former boss- offered me to take up Law in UST and work for him at the same time. His private practicing now. I didn’t know how to respond, what to tell him. One of my plans is to study again after several years of working but I am still not sure if it will be a Masters degree or Law. Yes, I really wanted to take up Law but because my priorities changed, I am reconsidering. I didn’t even take up LAE.

When I was younger, I imagined life after college as vacation and relaxation-mode, then reality knocked on my door. I need money to make that happen.

I don’t know what my life will be after graduation but I’m excited. One thing’s first, though: I need to finish and defend my thesis. If only my adviser will reply to my messages.

Only ten more days and it’s Christmas! Yey! This season has always been the most important celebration for my family. When I was in elementary school, I looked forward to new clothes, gifts, and new money courtesy of Ninongs, Ninangs, Titas, and Titos.  During my high school days, Monito-Monita was in. I used my all my braincells to come up with the most creative codename but I usually arrived at immature ones. Now I’m in college, wish lists are usually done to ease the stress of selecting gifts. Wish lists usually give you about 90% assurance that your gift will be liked but it also make the expectations really high.

My typical wish list is composed of things I need and not the things I want. I remember, I even asked for a photocopy of all the readings used for the past 2 semesters (Christmas after Ondoy). For a change, I’ll be listing a truly wish list. WISH na lang talaga sila :))

1. Third molar to be removed

Three out of my four third molar are growing horizontally. When I had my braces, my dear dentist was kind enough not to remove any of my teeth but in return, I have to remove my wisdom teeth that are growing abnormally. One of which has already erupted and I needs to be removed asap. Why can’t I have it done? Money. It will be removed through surgery so I need money and time.
2. New wedge shoes

Some thing like these will make me and my feet happy :)

heels this high

but the straps should be

3. Dress

Any comfortable dress :) I rarely wear it so I only have a few. I need to be girly from time to time :)

4. be able to watch season 8 Grey’s Anatomy

I love Grey’s Anatomy and I haven’t seen any episode from the eight season. I’m dying to know what happened TT.TT

5. red heels (kahit killer ka pa)

I’ve been hunting for a pair of red heels. I’m willing to sacrifice my feet’s comfort. hahaha.

6. “Footsteps in the Sand” spinning ring

 This is from  from The Animal Rescue Site :)

7. Ricky Lee’s “Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata”

I read his Para Kay B and I found it really wonderful and touching. I look forward to reading this soon. Maybe I’ll get this as as a birthday gift next year.

8. See Manila Ocean Park’s Penguin Exhibit

Soon :) The promos are only until 15 January so I really need to see it asap. The promos are here if you want to see them too :).

9. Spa/Body Massage

I hope to get one with my Mom :) Plus my back has been torturing me so a good massage will definitely help.

10. Learn to apply make-up
I’ve been slowly collecting make-ups and I hopefully be able to learn to PROPERLY use them. So far I know how to use these: face powder, eyelashes curler, mascara, and lipstick/lipgloss and I can only apply them to myself. Di pa pwedeng magsideline ng make-up artist.

ultimate wish: Thesis! This I really need to do asap. The Christmas vacation will help me progress. I need this badly. This is not a wish, it’s a need. MUST GRADUATE ON TIME!

okay :) My first sem is over and second sem is just around the corner. Barry’s required blog is over but I’ll be continuing this. Yey! I’m trying to be productive :) The difference I guess from entries from now on will be more personal and random.

I’m not sure if anyone is still reading my entires but wth. I write to express :).